WOODRITE was founded in 2013 as the first local to local furniture brand in Hong Kong with a strong commitment to sustainability and originality. WOODRITE determined to save valuable wood which might ends up in the landfill and transform them into durable, functional and beautifully handcrafted furniture. By implementing the “Upcycling & Refurbish” concept, we aim to reduce the impact of waste on our planet and educate our next generation to cherish the earth’s resources. 

In the past few years, we've had the chance to work with many amazing and supportive clients, designing and making plenty of exciting and challenging customised orders. We gained a lot of experience, no matter it is success or failure, this journey enables us to establish solid skills and knowledge in making high quality furniture. 


Our materials are carefully recalimed, collected or purchased from reliable sources. A large percentage of wood came from renovation site of commercial units and apartments. A small percentage of wood and furniture came from donations of households and small organisation. In order to fulfil the functionality & budget of each order and project, we sometimes also purchase wood, metal parts,  from out trusted suppliers.


We only collect solid wood floorboards or furniture due to its good quality and properties. The reason why we do not collect MDF, particular boards and blockwood is these materials are not made to last and could not withstand the process of reprocessing. Therefore we have determined to select our materials carefully to ensure all the energy and time we spend on refurbish the wood are well spent and as a result of a high quality product. 

We are very careful with our final finishing. It is not only about the appearance of your furniture but your health as well. We only apply natural or water-based coating on our products. For indoor furniture, we apply BIOHOUSE hardwax oil. It is a natural finishing which provide sufficient, long lasting, silky feeling for the wood. The finishing are tested by SGS and certified as ZERO FORMALDEHYDE.


We have been featured in various magazines, newspapers & websites throughout the years. If you are interested in spreading our message out  & share our story, please contact info@woodrite.com.hk

woodrite reclaimed wood, customise furniture in Hong Kong
woodrite reclaimed wood, customise furniture in Hong Kong
woodrite reclaimed wood, customise furniture in Hong Kong

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