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Donate your wood

We always welcome everyone to donate their unused furniture or wood to us. However space is scarce resources in Hong Kong. Our warehouse is not very big and we have to be very selective to what we can collect. At the moment, we only collect solid wood, mainly floor boards.

If you are doing renovation and you ordered extra floor boards that you don't need, or simply don't need your old ones anymore, we would love to have them and repurpose them! 

If your furniture is still very usable, we suggest you donate to second hand furniture shop or we can also help you to post it on our Facebook fan page to see if anyone want them. There is no point to torn it into pieces if it can still be used. 

Please email the pictures of your unused furniture or wood to

Don't forget to tell us your name, where is your furniture/wood, when you want us to collect in your email

Thanks again for giving a second chance to the wood and the furniture, not just throw them away! 

We also provide repair & reupholstery service, if you really love your furniture and they are just a little bit too old or didn't fit your new space, send us their pictures too! We see how we make them look nice again or transform them into something good for your new place

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